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Enrolment Closed!!!
  • Location: 100% Online
  • Suitable for: Beginners
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Duration: Self Paced or 16 weeks
  • Course Modules: 16
  • Coursework: Self-study + tutor graded
  • Access: 1 year deadline
  • Certification: Basic Skincare Formulator
  • Sequential Learning: Finish module by passing the module’s test to unlock the next module

This course is for you if

You want to learn the fundamentals of product Formulation

This course will teach you the basics of skincare product formulation . Will get you grounded enough to be creative with products

You’re tired of wasting your money on products that aren't safe

With this course you'll never need to buy anyone's product again. Use what you create and have it work wonders for your skin.

You want absolute control over what goes on your skin

Decide what ingredients you'll stick to for your products. Get all the detailed information about ingredients and choose the safest ones for your skin.

You’ll like to start an indie skincare line

You want to takeover the world with a handmade skincare product line but you just need to know how to make these products the right way.

You’re too far away from Lagos to come for a physical class

We understand that people are far away from our physical location in Lagos. Save that ticket and hotel money and use it to set up your lab. This course gives the same experience as coming to us.

You are too busy to come for a physical class

Busy with work, the kids or a project but you really want this? Worry not, this is the perfect course for you. Log in at your free time, study and practice when you can. You have access to the content for a full year.

great news, enrolment for the basic skincare formulation course is officially open!!!

After the course, you’ll become:

A Skincare Consultant

A Skincare Product Formulator

A potential Skin Product Owner

A Potential Beauty Entrepreneur

A Role Model

What you'll Learn

Theory Modules

  • How the class works
  • What you need
Skin Science
Types of Skin
Skin Type Test
Foundational Ingredients
Aesthetic Ingredients
Preservation Technology
pH Study & Balancing
Fun Game
Oil Sources & Methods of Extraction 
Essential Fatty Acids
Shelf Life, Rancidity & Anti Oxidants
Oil Guide
Absorption Rate
Comedogenic Ratings
Grouping your oils | Facial Oils vs Body Oils
Cosmetics’ Background
Cosmetic Design
Cosmetic Forms
Product Anatomy
Product Structure
How to design your dream product range
Basic Cosmetics Maths
Units of Measurements
Formula Creation
Lab Design
Equipment & Tools
Supplier Guide/Budget
Setup Fun Gam

A research project on theoretical modules

Practical Modules

Learning to measure
Learning to use the equipment
What tools work with what products
Tools Fun Game
How to make A cleanser
Cleanser Formula Cheat
Skin Bracer Toner
Skin Tonic Toner
Astringent Toner
Toner Formula Cheat
Face Oil Blend
Moisturising Body Oil
Oil Formula Cheat
Face Scrub
Body Scrub
Emulsified Scrub
Scrub Formula Cheat
Face Wash
Body Wash
Wash Formula Cheat
Moisturising Soap Bar
Milk Soap Bar
Papaya Soap Bar
Bar Soap Formula Cheat
Body Butter
Butter Formula Cheat
Face Cream
Body Cream
Body Lotion
Creams & Lotion Formula Cheat
Clay Masque
Chocolate Masque
Masque Formula Cheat
Project Topic Selection
Project Writeup Review
Project Production
Project Submission
Final Remarks

Enrolment Ends. .

Enrolment Closed!!!

Past Student's


20+ Videos

20+ Ebooks

Sequential Learning

Peer Network

Tutor Support

20+ Active formulas

Graded Coursework


Your Investment

Full Payment

Pay full with no extra charges
100,000 Pay Once
  • Full Access
  • Tutor Support
  • Certificate

Installmental Payment

Pay in instalments, costs extra
60,000 Pay Twice
  • Theory Modules until second payment
  • Tutor Support
  • Certificate

Full Payment

Pay full with no extra charges
$ 280 Pay Once
  • Full Access
  • Tutor Support
  • Certificate

Installmental Payment

Pay in instalments, costs extra
$ 150 Pay Twice
  • Theory Modules until second payment
  • Tutor Support
  • Certificate

Enrolment Ends. .

Enrolment Closed!!!

Frequently Asked questions

We have a well designed, dedicated online classroom.

In this classroom, you’d receive all the lectures required, the quizzes and the assignments.

You’d be required to upload your assignment to this classroom  and also ask questions there, if you face any difficulty.

Please note that this is NOT a WhatsApp classroom.

  • Ability to pay your fees
  • An Internet enabled device such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • At least 3 hours a week dedicated to the course
  • Willingness to learn
  • Basic Knowledge of Maths & English

You get access once payment is confirmed and processed. (maximum of one week, minimum of 2 working days)

We release one module per week till we release all 16 modules.
No specific time.
Module lectures are released on Monday. Then you have the whole of Monday to Friday to watch and learn.
By Friday, module’s quiz or test is released for you to submit for grading before Sunday.
You’d however be required to pass the quiz to move on to the next module
By monday, new module starts till you round up all 16 modules.
No! Once the module is released, we don’t remove it.

You have 1 full year to read, watch, rewatch and relearn

Yes, you’d need to set up a small space with required tools to enable you do your assignments.

We’ll be sharing what you need to buy and where you can buy them in the theory modules

Not really, depends on your taste. We always advice you start small then improve later.

Yes. You must submit each module’s assignment to move to the next module.

You’ll repeat the module till you pass.

You have access to a personal instructor available to answer ALL your questions on our e-learning platform.

Yes, you’ll learn to create all the products  listed from scratch all by yourself.
Yes, you will. That’s the point of it all.

Yes, you’ll be awarded a certificate after you submit your final project

Your course will be cut short and you won’t be allowed to view the practical lessons

This is a no refund policy!
We don’t offer refunds after you begin classes as there’s no way to have you unlearn what you’ve been taught.

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