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This PROGRAMME is for you if

You want to learn how to create Luxury Perfumes

This course will teach you all the tricks of the trade. It'll show you how to create the most exquisite perfumes, exploring different perfume styles

You want to learn how to create Long Lasting Perfumes that evoke emotions

The strength of a fragrance is its ability to evoke the right emotions. In this course, we'll teach you all the secrets to creating blends that evoke the right emotions

You Want To Launch A Perfume Line​

This course will teach you to make world class perfumes and supporting products. From Eau de Toilettes to Eau de Perfume, to solid perfumes, perfume oils and scented lotions. The course shows you everything. ​

great news, we'll be holding a physical class this July in lagos, Nigeria

After the programme, you’ll become:

A Perfumer

An Aromatherapist

A Potential Beauty Entrepreneur

A Role Model

"I searched and sampled lots of perfume classes before investing in COC Beauty School's perfumery course. I am convinced that there's no better place than COC Beauty School, to learn every single thing about perfumery. Other courses don't come close to the value I've received from COC'S perfumery course. My money well spent. I'm so grateful that I found COC Beauty School."
Shina A

Curriculum / schedule

basic perfumery

Monday, 5th July 2021 | Fundamentals of Perfumery

Phase 1: Background
  • The history & evolution of perfume
  • The Olfactory System
  • Invoking emotions with scent
  • Classification of Perfumery | Natural vs Synthetic
  • Types of Perfumery & Possible careers
  • A journey through a perfumer’s world
  • Perfume Descents
Phase 2: Structure
Overview of Natural perfumery materials
Synthetic perfumery materials
Organic Chemicals and their properties
Explanation of Ingredient Extraction methods
The Perfume Triangle
The Fragrance Families
Perfume Personality Test
Aphrodisiacs & Pheromones
Phase 3: Development
Understanding the impact of oils
How impact affects your ratios
Anatomy of a Perfume
Creating a Perfume Formula
How to develop a perfume from Start to Finish
Phase 4:  Set Up
Regulatory Bodies
Tools & Equipment
Lab Design

Tuesday, 6th July 2021 | Nose Training 1

  • Dilution of oils | Ratios per impact
  • Perfumer smelling techniques
  • Discovering the emotions & language of scents
  • Creating note associations.
  • Nose Training | Citrus
  • Nose Training | Fruity

Thursday, 8th July 2021 | Nose Training 2

  • Nose Training | Floral
  • Nose Training | Spicy
  • Nose Training | Minty

Friday, 9th July 2021 | Nose Training 3

  • Nose Training | Sweet
  • Nose Training | Woody
  • Nose Training | Animalic

Monday, 12th July 2021 | Accords & Themes

Part 1: Accords
  • Accords explained
  • Vertical Accords
  • Horizontal Accords
  • Jean Claude Method
  • Creating a Fragrance fan
Part 2: Theme Formulation
  • Perfume Themes Explained
  • Curating a Cologne Theme
  • Curating a Floral Theme
  • Curating a Woody Theme

Tuesday, 13th July 2021 | Theme Formulation

  • Curating a Chypre Theme
  • Curating an Oriental Theme
  • Curating a Fougere Theme
  • Curating a Gourmand Theme

Thursday, 15th July 2021 | Perfume Composition

Phase 1: Knowledge Base

  • How to write a full brief for a perfume
  • How to build a visual picture of perfume
  • Attributes of a masculine perfume
  • Attributes of a feminine perfume
  • Attributes of a unisex perfume
  • Attributes of kiddies perfume


Phase 2: Practice

  • Composing a masculine perfume
  • Composing a feminine perfume
  • Composing a unisex perfume
  • Composing a kiddies perfume

Friday, 16th July 2021 | Perfume Formulation

  • Creating an Eau De Toilette
  • Creating an Eau De Parfum
  • Creating an Eau Fraiche (also known as Body Mist/Body Splash)

PRODUCT perfumery

Monday, 19th July 2021 | Product Perfumery

Phase 1: Knowledge Base
  • Fundamentals of Product Perfumery
Phase 2: Cosmetics
  • Creating skincare fragrances
  • Creating haircare fragrances
  • Creating makeup flavours


Phase 3: Household
  • Creating laundry fragrances
  • Creating dishwashing fragrances
  • Creating cleaning fragrances
Phase 4: Kit Formulation Practice
  • Formulating a Perfumed Lotion
  • Formulating a Perfumed Bath Gel
  • Formulating a Perfumed Oil
  • Formulating a Solid Perfume


Tuesday, 20th July 2021 | Aromatherapy

Phase 1: Knowledge Base
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy principles
  • Aromachology
Phase 2: Therapeutic Blending Practice
  • Creating a Relaxing Blend
  • Creating a Joyful blend
  • Creating a Fresh air blend
  • Creating a Flu blend
  • Creating a Sensual Blend
  • Creating an Aphrodisiac blend
  • Creating a Pheromone blend
  • We’ll cover over 20 unique blends

environmental Perfumery

Thursday, 22nd July 2021 | Environmental Perfumery

Phase 1: Knowledge Base
  • Fundamentals  of Environmental Perfumery
Phase 2: Case Studies
  • Creating a room fragrance
  • Creating a toilet fragrance
  • Creating a kitchen fragrance
  • Creating a car fragrance
  • Creating an office fragrance
  • Creating a hotel fragrance
  • Creating a club/lounge fragrance
  • Creating a church fragrance
  • Creating a hospital fragrance
Phase 3: Formulation
  • Formulation Brief
  • Formulating an air freshener
  • Formulating a potpourri

scented candles

Monday, 26th July 2021 | Candle Making

Phase 1: Knowledge Base
  • Fundamentals of Candle Making
  • Candle Making Equipment
  • Safety & Workspace
  • Types of Waxes
  • Types of Wicks
  • Types of Containers
  • Types of Fragrance
  • Types of Colour
Phase 2: Pre Practicals
  • Temperature Control
  • Cold Throw & Hot throw
  • Wick Sizing
  • Wax Guide
Phase 3: Formulation Practice
  • Formulating a Pillar Candle / Votive candle
  • Formulating an Ombre Candle
  • Formulating  a Container Candle
Phase 4: Post Production
  • Packaging and decoration techniques
  • Conducting a burn test
  • Troubleshooting


Tuesday, 27th July 2021 | Diffusers

  • The science behind diffusers
  • Anatomy of a diffuser
  • Diffuser Bases
  • Diffuser reeds
  • Types of Fragrance
  • Formula Creation
  • Formulating  a Room Diffuser
  • Packaging

perfume business

Thursday, 29th July 2021 | Perfume Business

  • Finding your niche
  • Developing a  brand
  • Creating your fragrance line
  • Building a well structured business
  • Costing your perfume products
  • Making Profits, Staying in Business, Expanding
  • Presentation of Project Topic

Your Investment

Full Course

Full Diploma Course

5th July - 30th July 2021
500,000 All Classes
  • Basic Perfumery
  • Product Perfumery
  • Environmental Perfumery
  • Aromatherapy
  • Candle Making
  • Diffusers
  • Perfume Business
  • U.K Accredited Diploma in Perfume Product Development

Registration Closes 2nd July 2021

Sorry! Enrolment Closed!!!

Single Classes

Basic Perfumery

5th July - 16th July 2021
300,000 Perfume Class Only
  • Basic Perfumery
  • Certificate in Perfume Curation

Scented Candles

26th July 2021
100,000 Candle Class Only
  • Candle Making
  • Certificate in Candle Making


27th July 2021
100,000 Diffuser Class Only
  • Diffusers
  • Certificate in Diffuser Formulation

Registration Closes 2nd July 2021

Sorry! Enrolment Closed!!!

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