• Location: 100% Online
  • Suitable for: Beginners
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Duration: 20 weeks
  • Course Modules: 20
  • Coursework: Self-study + tutor graded
  • Access: 1 year deadline
  • Certification: Skincare Product Development Technology Diploma
  • Sequential Learning: Finish module by passing the module’s test to unlock the next module

This course is for you if

You want to learn how to create effective skin whitening products

This course will teach you how the tricks of the trade. It'll show you how to create different types of Skin Whitening Products from scratch.

You’re tired of wasting your money on products that don’t work

With this course you'll never need to buy anyone's product again. Use what you create and have it work wonders for your skin.

You want absolute control over what goes on your skin

Decide what ingredients you'll stick to for your products. Get all the detailed information about ingredients and choose the safest ones for your skin.

You’ll like to start a skincare business selling effective skin whitening products

This course will teach you to make world class Skin Whitening products that you can sell. Start looking out for your clients because your products are going to be the best in the market.

You’re too far away from Lagos to come for a physical class

We understand that people are far away from our physical location in Lagos. Save that ticket and hotel money and use it to set up your lab. This course gives the same experience as coming to us.

You are too busy to come for a physical class

Busy with work, the kids or a project but you really want this? Worry not, this is the perfect course for you. Log in at your free time, study and practice when you can. You have access to the content for a full year.

great news, enrollment for the skin whitening Online Course is officially open!!!

After the course, you’ll become:

A Skin Whitening Consultant

A Skin Whitening Product Formulator

A potential Skin Whitening Spa Owner

A Potential Beauty Entrepreneur

A Role Model

"Barely a month through the coursework, I know exactly why my previous products weren’t effective. I’m so thankful I took this step, thank you COC Beauty School for creating an online class for people like me."
-Cece G
Liverpool, U.K

What you'll Learn

Theory Modules

  • How the class works
  • What you need


Skin Science
Building A Regimen
Cosmetic Science
Ingredient Groups
Basic Concerns & Ingredient Solution
Basic Cosmetics Maths
Building Formulas
Skin Whitening Methods
Lab Design
Tools & Equipment

How to use each tool/equipment

A research project on theoretical modules

Practical Modules

  • Acne Cleanser
    Skin Whitening Cleanser
Types of toners
Whitening Astringent
Whitening Tonic
Whitening Bracer
Whitening Serum [Direct Application]
Whitening Serum [Mix-in]
Whitening Face Oil
Whitening Body Oil
Scrub Design
Whitening Face Scrub
Whitening Body Scrub
About Soap Bars
Whitening Soap Bar
Whitening Milk Bar
Whitening Papaya Bar
Whitening Exfoliating Bar
Whitening Black Soap Bar
About Liquid Soap
Castile Soap Base
Whitening Face Wash
Whitening Body Wash
Brightening Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter
Face Cream Base
Body Cream Base
Lotion Base
Whitening Face Cream
Whitening Face Cream
Whitening Body Milk/Lotion
Maintenance Face & Body Cream
Maintenance Lotion
Half Cast Oil 
Half Cast Cream
Indian White
Russian White
Egyptian Milk
Moroccan White
Acne Mask
Scar Treatment
Skin Rejuvenation Mask
Stretch-mark Balm
Sunburn Cream



  • Lip Science
  • Pink Lips Scrub
  • Pink Lips Balm


Module 20: Project & Conclusion
Project Topic Selection
Project Writeup Review
Project Production
Project Submission
Final Remarks

What Past Participants had to Say

"I’ve done multiple organic product formulation courses online but I must say, this course just hit the spot for me. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. So much secrets revealed!!! Thanks for this COC Beauty School."
Charissa I.
Houston, U.S.A
"What I love most about the programme is how I get to study when my baby is asleep. I made my first brightening lotion last week and I'm already seeing results on my skin."
Amaka N.
Lagos, Nigeria
"My product range after the course was such a hit. People loved the range and I sold out with bookings for more. Taking the Skin Whitening Specialist online course is the best decision I made in 2018."
Ama O.
Accra, Ghana

45+ Videos

50+ Ebooks

Sequential Learning

Peer Network

Tutor Support

50+ Active formulas

Graded Coursework


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