Learn to formulate professional skincare products from Scratch

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Formulate Effective Skincare products From Scratch


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This PROGRAMME is for you if

You want to learn how to Formulate Effective Skincare Products

This course will teach you how to formulate top-class skincare products that are safe, nourishing, and of great quality

You want to learn how to Formulate Products from scratch

We teach you how to formulate products from scratch using our seven step framework. In this course you'll learn how to create over 50 effective skincare products with your classmates, all from scratch

You Want To Launch A Top-Class Skincare Line​

This course will teach you all that is required to enable you create a quality skincare range of products. After the course, you will be able to create a range of products that consumers would be begging to purchase ​

💃💃 Great News!!! 💃💃

Our Diploma in Skincare DUBAI class

is now open for application

After the programme, you’ll become:

A U.K Certified Skincare Consultant

A U.K Certified Skincare Product Formulator

A U.K Certified Skincare Specialist

A Potential Beauty Entrepreneur

A Role Model

"COC Beauty School might just be the best decision I have made so far as a beauty entrepreneur or at least up there with the best decision. I honestly don’t think we would have made it this far in a short period of time if not for the wonderful tutors at COC Beauty School."

Registration is strictly by application

Curriculum / schedule

Week One

Monday, 14th November 2022 | Fundamentals

Can be done online [for those traveling into Dubai]

Phase 1: Fundamentals of Skin
•Adult Skin Science
•Infant Skin Science
•Skin Types
•Skin Type Test

Phase 2: Skin Management

•Holistic Skin care
•Holistic Methods
•Building Skincare Regimens
•Fitzpatrick Scale
•Skin Analysis

Phase 3: Consultation

•Intro to Skin Consultation
•Creating client relationship
•Important pre-boarding questions
•Skin Sensitising supplements
•On-boarding- Client Intake process
•Booking, consultation order, services possible

Virtual Bonus

Downloadable Templates – Consultation Forms  such as  Intake, Consent, Fitzpatrick,  Cheat sheets

Tuesday, 15th November 2022 | Creating Plans

Can be done online [for those traveling into Dubai]

How to create client treatment plans
•Infant Skin: Types, regimen, beneficial products, diet, plan
Glow: Types, regimen, beneficial products, diet, supplements, plan
Acne: Types, triggers, treatment plan, ingredients, regimen, beneficial products, diet, supplements
Rosacea: Types, triggers, treatment plan, ingredients, regimen, beneficial products, diet, supplements
Hyper-pigmentation: Types, triggers, treatment plan, ingredients, regimen, beneficial products, diet, supplements
Anti – Ageing: Types, triggers, treatment plan, ingredients, regimen, beneficial products, diet, supplements
•Skin Lightening: Types, regimen, beneficial products, diet, supplements, plan
Virtual Project
Case study custom plans

Thursday, 17th November 2022 | Fundamentals of Cosmetics

Can be done online [for those traveling into Dubai]


Phase 1: Cosmetics Science


  • Background of Cosmetics
  • FDA & Regulatory Bodies
  • Cosmetic vs Drugs
  • Classification of Cosmetics (Organic, Natural & Synthetic)



Phase 2: Product Design

  • Forms of Cosmetics
  • Anatomy of Cosmetics
  • Product Structure Design
  • How to Design your dream product range

Phase 3: Building Formulas

  • Cosmetic Units of Measurement & Conversion
  • Basic Cosmetic Maths
  • Formula Creation Practice


Friday, 18th November 2022 | Ingredient Study 1

Can be done online [for those traveling into Dubai]

Phase 1: Intro to Ingredients


•Classification of Ingredients


•Ingredient Factors

•How to Research

Phase 2: Foundational Ingredient Study

•Profiling over fifty [50] foundational Skincare ingredients

•Water Ingredients


Phase 3: Oils 

•Oil & Butter Study

•Oil Penetration Chart

•Oil Properties & Comedogenic Ratings

•Anti Oxidants

•Facial Oils

•Body Oils


Week 1 Bonus: Paid Consulting Mastermind | Worth $997

. . .The A-to-Z of becoming a "highly paid" consultant

Part A: Salary Consulting


👉Working as a skincare consultant.


👉Finding your skincare consulting Niche


👉How to get a skincare consulting job


👉Creating an irresistible resume and profile


Part B: Consulting Business

👉 How to Set up a skincare consulting business  A-z
👉 Choosing your services
👉 Pricing your services
👉 Attracting the right customers
👉 The 6-figure Consulting Sales System

Week Two

Monday, 21st November 2022 | Active Ingredient Study

Can be done online [for those traveling into Dubai]

•Profiling over fifty 50 ACTIVE Skincare ingredients
•Exfoliating Active Ingredients
•Acne Active Ingredients
•Anti Ageing Active Ingredients
•Skin Lightening Active Ingredients
•Sunscreen Active Ingredients

Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 | Ingredient Study 3

Can be done online [for those traveling into Dubai]

•Profiling Customization Ingredients
•Profiling Stabilizing Ingredients

•Preservation Technology

•Set up Requirements
•Lab Setup & Lab Design
•Study of the Equipment & Tools
•Learning to use the tools
•Preparation for practicals

practical section


Not every product listed below is “practiced” in class. 

Per class, we practice between 2 products to 3 products,  then share the formulas and steps for the products we don’t practice live.

Thursday, 23rd November 2022 | Face Cleansers

•👩‍🔬 Cleansing Solution
•👩‍🔬 Foam Cleanser
•👩‍🔬 Oil Cleanser
•👩‍🔬 Cleansing Gel
•Acne Cleanser
•Skin Lightening Cleanser
•Anti-Ageing Cleanser
•Dry Skin cleanser

Friday, 24th November 2022 | Face Toners

•👩‍🔬 Skin Bracer Toner

•👩‍🔬 Skin Tonic Toner

•👩‍🔬 Astringent Toner

Micellar Water
Bi-phase Toner


Week 2 Bonus A: Stability Testing | Worth $799

. . .Stability testing simplified

•pH Testing & Balancing

•Microbial Challenge testing

•Freeze & thaw

•Calculating the shelf life of products


•Toolkit list 
•Ingredient list
•Price list & Purchase links

Week 2 Bonus B: Product Labelling Workshop | Worth $197

. . .Step by step method to labelling your products like a pro

This workshop shares indepth instructions on labelling your products for UAE, and the international market

👉 Elements of the label
👉 Labelling symbols and meanings
👉 Labelling dictionary
👉How to label from start to finish
👉 Case study

Week 3

Monday, 28th November 2022 | Oils

•👩‍🔬 Baby Oil
•👩‍🔬 Glow Oil
•👩‍🔬 Anti Ageing Oil
•👩‍🔬 Skin Lightening Oil
•👩‍🔬 Night Oil
•Face Oils
•Body Oils

Tuesday, 29th November 2022 | Serums

•👩‍🔬 Serum Science

•👩‍🔬 Vitamin C Serum

•👩‍🔬 Anti Ageing Serum

•👩‍🔬 Lightening Serum

•👩‍🔬 Eyebag Serum

Thursday, 1st December 2022 | Masques

•👩‍🔬 Masque Development
•👩‍🔬 Clay Masque
•👩‍🔬 Ghassoul Masque [Moroccan masque]
•👩‍🔬 24 Karat Gold Masque
•👩‍🔬 Chocolate Masque
•Acne Masque
•Skin Lightening  Masque
•Anti-Aging Masque
•Skin Repair  Masque

Friday, 2nd December 2022 | Scrubs

•👩‍🔬 Scrub Development
•👩‍🔬 Coffee Scrub
•👩‍🔬 Sugar Scrub
•👩‍🔬 Gel Scrub
•👩‍🔬 Emulsion Scrub
•👩‍🔬 Whipped cream Scrub
• Face Scrub
• Body Scrub
• Lip Scrub
• Dark Area Scrub
• Glow Scrub
• Acne Scrub
• Skin Lightening Scrub
• Anti-Aging Scrub


Week 3 Bonus: Botanical Extraction Course | Worth $597

. . .How to Extract stable botanical ingredients

This course covers step by step methods on extracting 100% organic, botanical ingredients such as 
•👩‍🔬 Herbal Mists
•👩‍🔬 Carrier Oils
•👩‍🔬 Glycerites
•👩‍🔬 Botanical Decoctions
•👩‍🔬 Herbal Elixirs
These ingredients can be sold independently, and can also bring nature’s goodness into your formulas.

Week 4

Monday, 5th December 2022 | Shower Gels

•👩‍🔬 Infant Bath Gel
•👩‍🔬 Acne Bath Gel
•👩‍🔬 Skin Lightening Shower Gel
•👩‍🔬 Anti Aging Shower Gel
•👩‍🔬 Exfoliating Shower Gel

Tuesday, 6th December 2022 | Butters

•👩‍🔬 Body Butter
•👩‍🔬 Infant Body Butter
•👩‍🔬 Glow Body Butter
•👩‍🔬 Anti Aging Body Butter
•👩‍🔬 Skin Brightening Body Butter

Thursday, 8th December 2022 | Face Creams

•👩‍🔬 Face Cream
•👩‍🔬 Eye cream
•👩‍🔬 Skin lightening Face cream
•👩‍🔬 Anti Ageing Face cream
•👩‍🔬 Anti Acne Face cream
•👩‍🔬 Dark Spots Face cream
•👩‍🔬 Skin repair face cream
•👩‍🔬 Cream Base

Friday, 9th December 2022 | Body Creams & Lotions

•👩‍🔬 Body Milk
•👩‍🔬 Hydrating Lotion
•👩‍🔬 Hand Cream
•👩‍🔬 Baby Lotion
•👩‍🔬 Nappy Rash Cream
•Glow Body Cream/Lotion
•Anti Aging Body Cream/Lotion
•Skin Lightening Body Cream/Lotion


Week 4 Bonus: Skincare Fragrance Blending | Worth $597

. . .Curating "Simple" fragrance blends for skincare products

This short course will teach you
👉 How to curate great fragrances for skincare products
👉 How to curate great fragrances for bath products

Week 5

Monday, 12th December 2022 | Bath Treats

•👩‍🔬 Bath Bombs
•👩‍🔬 Bath Bomb Design
•👩‍🔬 Whipped Soap
•👩‍🔬 Shower Souffle
•👩‍🔬 Soap cupcakes
•👩‍🔬 Soap popsicles
•👩‍🔬 Bath Cubes
•👩‍🔬 Bath Salts

Tuesday, 13th December 2022 | Cold Process Soap Making

•👩‍🔬 Using a Soap Calc
•👩‍🔬 Cold process soap making
•👩‍🔬 Soap cutting
•👩‍🔬 Soap Packaging

Thursday, 15th December 2022 | Advanced Soap Design

•👩‍🔬 Ombre Soap
•👩‍🔬 Advance Swirl
•👩‍🔬 Water melon soap
•👩‍🔬 Soap Popsicles
•👩‍🔬 Melt & Pour Soap
•👩‍🔬 Melt & Pour Soap Design

Friday, 16th December 2022 | Seminar

In this heart 2 heart seminar, we will discuss :


•What you have learnt
•Who you are now
•What you can do with what you’ve learnt
•The financial possibilities
•Next steps!


Week 5 Bonus: African Black Soap Course | Worth $997

. . .Making black soaps the African way

This course will teach you how to make these nourishing African Black Soaps from scratch
•👩‍🔬 Moroccan Beldi  Soap
•👩‍🔬 African Black Soap Paste
•👩‍🔬 African Black Soap Bar
•👩‍🔬 African Liquid Black Soap Paste
•👩‍🔬 Whitening Black Soap
•👩‍🔬 Milk Soap
•👩‍🔬 Fruit Soap
•👩‍🔬 Cold process Soap with Actives

Saturday, 17th December 2022 | Market Survey

1. Packaging focus: Visit to wholesale souks to purchase soap molds, soap boxes, luxury skincare bottles, jars, product tags and more.  
2. Spice Focus: Tour through the spice souk to explore botanicals for extraction

Sunday, 18th December 2022 | All-White Yacht Cruise

4pm – 6pm | End of Class Party . .
We’ll end it all with an All White Yacht cruise round the beautiful city of Dubai while we sip and dance to the new success.

January 2023 | Virtual Project

Project Submission

Project Defense



Official Graduation in December 2023 | A night of glitz and glamour in Dubai


Enjoy these exclusive bonuses when you enroll now..

Bonus 1: Beauty Product Launch Formula | Worth $197

. . .The 7-step formula to launching beauty products that sell out

In this 2-Part Masterclass series, you will learn:


👉 3 mistakes that cause unsuccessful product launches.


👉 The proven 7-step formula to launching beauty products successfully.


👉 The precise next steps to take.


You will also get the chance to:

👉 Order a high value launch resource.


👉 Win an action plan workbook

"Barely a month after my course with COC Beauty School, I implemented the beauty product launch strategy and launched my kids care range which sold out with requests for more. I made 7 figures from my first launch and I’ve been selling out non-stop.."

Bonus 2: 60 days access to the course slides

Two Months Access

to the lecture slides  (Our lecture slides are hosted  on our e-learning platform)

Bonus 3: Lifetime access to our virtual community of successful beauty entrepreneurs

Play Video
The COC Alumni  community is a safe space for COC Beauty School formulators to share “all things” formulation, meet like minds and network.
This platform enables our formulators nurture industry relationships, receive information about newest trends and grow.

Your Investment

. . .Fee is on sale for this class only, returns to actual price by January 2023 

Fee in US dollars

Tuition Fee
$ 3,000 Pay sales price in US Dollars
  • U.K Accredited Diploma in Skincare
  • Live Formulation of over 50 effective products
  • All Virtual Bonuses
  • Group Post Mentorship
  • Virtual Alumni Support Community
  • Excludes annual graduation fee
  • Excludes travel, visa & hotel fees (for those outside Dubai)

Fee in AED

Tuition Fee
AED 10,800 Pay sales price in Dirham
  • U.K Accredited Diploma in Skincare
  • Live Formulation of over 50 effective products
  • All Virtual Bonuses
  • Group Post Mentorship
  • Virtual Alumni Support Community
  • Excludes annual graduation fee
  • Excludes travel, visa & hotel fees (for those outside Dubai)​

Want to pay in instalments?

Instalments are allowed before class begins. (Fee must be completed before class begins!)

Application Ends:

Sorry! Enrolment Closed!!!

Our next Graduation is December 2023

Hard copy certificates will only be issued during the annual mass graduation

Graduation fee comes with an additional charge

Graduation fee is to be paid a month before graduation.

Frequently Asked questions

Understand English

Basic knowledge of Maths

Ability to pay for your fees

An open mind to learn

No prior knowledge required.

Yes, you’ll learn how to create the products  listed from scratch.
Hands-on practical training.
No, you won’t need to pay for any ingredients. Everything will be provided for you.
Yes you will keep all the products made in class

Yes, after your final project, during our annual graduation

Yes, there is a dress code!
On practical formulation days, dress code is smart casual. You’ll be given a personal labcoat
For Market Survey, you’ll be given T-Shirts or Jackets to help us create a uniform look, for easy identification.
On yacht cruise, you’ll be required to wear an all white outfit as it’ll be an ALL-WHITE  event.

No, there will be no extra charge for Lab coat, T-shirt, or Jacket

This is a no refund policy!
Yes, if you can’t make it to attend, you can send someone in your place

have more questions?

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