This training & mentorship is for you if:

You want to own a 100% natural luxury skincare product line

A 100% natural, luxury skincare product line that is world class standard in look, feel, superiority, efficacy and packaging.

You want a skincare business that commands attention worldwide

you want to know how to develop a master skincare business that commands attention worldwide.

You want to learn how to extract natural botanical ingredients yourself

you want to learn how to create nourishing botanical extracts yourself.

You want to Learn to Create an excellent product launch plan

you want to learn how to create a strategic product launch plan that will earn you 6 figures in your first launch

Introducing COC Beauty School’s Skincare Product Manufacturing Training & Tour Dubai.

"The well designed package to help you put your skincare brand on the world’s map."

Learn to create organic skincare products from scratch

Learn to make bath and body products from scratch such as cleanser, toner, body butter, face cream, body lotion, bar soaps, bath bombs and scrubs.

Learn to extract botanical ingredients yourself

Learn to extract nourishing botanical ingredients yourself. After this training you will become a potential organic oil manufacturer

learn to perform the required tests your products need before hitting the market

Learn what required tests your products need to go through before hitting the market. Get guidance on how to perform them

learn what Formulators must do to create superior products

The secrets of the trade simplified. Learn what you must do to create superior skincare products.

learn to package your Products the right way

In the beauty industry, packaging is everything! Learn the right packaging to use for your products, learn how to design catchy labels for your product line.

Learn To Launch A Skincare Product Line

Learn how to launch a skincare line. What to do day 1, day 2, day 3, etc.
Learn to create an excellent product launch plan that will enable you sell out your products on its first launch

Learn how to develop a skincare business that commands respect

Learn how to develop a standard skincare business. A business that commands respect when mentioned. A business that runs independently while you handle other projects.

learn how to distribute your products worldwide

Learn the secret of distribution. How to get your products into stores worldwide. How to get celebrities to use your products and give good reviews.
Learn the secrets of the trade.

learn how to create buzz for your skincare brand on social media

Social media is everything these days! Learn to build a relevant social media presence for your brand, for your business and for your products

learn how to design catchy graphics for social media and your brand

Learn how to independently design catchy images for your social media account using a free easy tool. Get your laptops and smart phones ready because it's going to be intense.

take a tour through ingredient suppliers in dubai

Discover nice ingredients as we tour the souk. Let your creative juices run wild as you discover amazing botanicals you can extract and use for your product range.

Plus get contacts so they can ship to you later on.

take a tour through fragrance suppliers in dubai

Discover the amazing world of fragrances and essential oils that you can incorporate into your product line. Have a wide variety of pre-mixed bath and body fragrances as we tour the fragrance souk

take a tour through packaging suppliers in dubai

Find your favourite packaging. Like the ones you've been seeing on magazines. . . Get to purchase the ones you love and get contact so they can ship to you when you go back to base

Visit UAE's no 1 skincare private labelling company

Take a trip with us to UAE's no 1 custom manufacturer. Have an overview of how a factory runs, see a variety of trends in products, packaging and labelling style. Get a one-on-one consultation if you decide to outsource your production.

conclude with an all white Yacht cruise

Finish all of the learning with a cool Sunday, 2-hour cruise on a yacht. Explore the city of Dubai in grand style while sipping on drinks, taking pictures, getting inspired and celebrating your business success. You Are Worth It!!!


Skin Science
Holistic Skincare / Building a Skincare Regimen
Cosmetic Science
Classification of Cosmetics
Basic Cosmetic Maths
Creating A Formula
How to Design a Product
Tea Break
Ingredient Study
Oils & Butter Study
Oil Penetration 
Comedogenic Rating
Anti Oxidants
Tea Break
PH Study & PH Balancing
Preservation Technology

Using the tools

Ingredient Extraction

Face Cleanser

Face Toner

Face Cream

Body Cream

Body Lotion

Body Butter

Phase 1: Cold Process Soap Making from scratch, Soap moulding, Soap design
Phase 2: Bath Bombs creation from scratch, bath bomb design.
Phase 3: Body Scrub creation from scratch 
1. Ingredient focus: Souk Tour amongst ingredient suppliers
2. Packaging focus: Souk Tour amongst packaging suppliers
3. Oil Production focus: Purchase natural Nuts, Herbs, Spices & tools to produce custom oils with.
4. Fragrance focus: Purchase Natural aromas & fragrances specially for skincare products.
10:00am – 10:30am : Visual Presentation 
  • The Ultimate guide to designing skincare product packaging
10:30am – 10:55am : Tea Break
11am – 3pm : Live Business Training Session by Melinda Coss
  • How to run a world class business
  • How to distribute products to stores worldwide
  • Questions & Business strategy development
3:00 – 3:50 : Lunch & Pictures 
4pm – 6pm : Live Demonstration
(come with your laptop)
  • Social Media Development – for emerging brands
  • How to design content for social media using a free graphic tool  
  • How to grow your instagram followers from 0 to 10k in 3 months using our secret tool 

With all of the knowledge acquired, we’ll then take a trip to UAE’s number 1 Skincare custom manufacturing/private labelling company. Get your dreams turned into reality as they show you the various options available. 

Book your dream with our special COC Beauty School discount.

End it all with a certificate presentation, reviews & an All White Yacht cruise round Dubai as we sip and dance to the new success.

An exclusive career changing experience designed with passion to see excellence in our skincare industry!!!


(If you want to do it on your own)

  1. Face & Body Product Formulation – $500
  2. Oil Manufacturing Training – $500
  3. Bath Products by Mihaela – $1000
  4. Ingredient Market Survey – Priceless
  5. Packaging Market Survey – Priceless
  6. Guided consultation with UAE’s top manufacturer – Priceless
  7. Consultation with our conference speakers – at least $30,000 combined

Total = $32,000

Cost if you Join us this september?


(Covers Training, Ingredients, Virtual Conference, Industry Tour & Yacht Cruise)

Want a payment plan??

We’ve got you covered!

July 2019 | $400
August | $400

Frequently Asked questions

Ability to pay for your fees

Availability to come for training

An open mind to learn

No prior knowledge required.

No you won’t need extra money except to buy personal ingredients when we go shopping.
No, we won’t be accepting payments on class day or in Dubai.
This is because we need to arrange for ingredients you’ll learn with.
You’ll need to pay ahead.
We’ll close registration
We aren’t sure as we have other cities we’ll be visiting after Dubai.
We’d like to keep the location limited to only registered participants.

11am – 5pm (Monday-Sunday)

11am – 6pm (Friday)

Yes, you’ll learn to create all the products  listed from scratch all by yourself.
Hands-on practical training.
No, you won’t need to pay for any ingredients. Everything will be provided for you.
Yes you will keep the products made

Yes, you’ll be given 2 certificates actually.

1 certificate from COC Beauty School and another Certificate from Mihaela.

Yes, there is a dress code!
On seminar days, you’ll be required to look formal.
On practical formulation days, dress code is smart casual.
On tour days, you’ll be given T-Shirts or Jackets to help us create a uniform look, for easy identification.
On yacht cruise, you’ll be required to wear an all white outfit as it’ll be an ALL-WHITE  event.

No, there will be no extra charge for T-shirts and Jackets

This is a no refund policy!
We won’t be able to offer refunds after booking for ingredients and more as bookings are made with money and we can’t collect the money back after paying.
Yes, if you can’t make it, you can send someone to take your place.

Have more questions? contact us on WhatsApp
using (+234) 817 982 7083

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